2012-06-07: Step by step!

Follow The Blind have been very busy playing shows and practicing the last months.

The Siesta Festival show at the Casa! scene was a milestone for Follow The Blind.
They've got more shows coming up in July and August!

"Now we're aiming at recording the last part of our 2012 EP which is a five song release; No More, Beggar's Horizon and three other songs like our good old Let's Dance! and Chase.
When that is released we will focus on writing our sound as a band, making ourselves.

Right now we've got two songs in the making which've got a little deeper and brutal sound."

Stay tuned for more information!

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Catch us at Siestafestivalen!

We will be playing at this year’s Siesta! in Hässleholm.

The date is May 31, a Thursday, and the first day of what promises to be a great weekend. We’ll be playing on the Casa! stage, be there!
Tickets can be purchased at Siestafesivalen.se

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Behind the Scenes: Saints & Sails

Now you can see all our hard work of making our video online.

After many cold spring hours in Fridafors and Stärnö, in Blekinge, we can finally present you with our video. More importantly, you can now witness all our hard work in the media section.

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We are a metalcore band based in Sweden. Feel free to listen and download all our music from the media section.

See the contact page for information about the members of our band.

Welcome to our website ! - Our official website is now online. Feel free to have a look around! On our site you can: download our music, browse our galleries, watch our brand new music video for Saints & Sails, etc.

Make sure that you come back every now and then for updates about gigs and other exciting stuff!

Siestafestivalen - We’ll be playing on the Casa! stage.

31 May - 17.00
Location: Hässleholm