Gig at Bara Rock

Videos and photos of the gig are available in the media section.

We played a gig in Helsingborg last month and all the songs were recorded and they are now available on our YouTube channel! You can find the photos here on the website or on Facebook. We would like to thank our Mosh Crew and everyone else for creating a battlefield on the floor, you guys were amazing!

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We are a metalcore band based in Sweden. Feel free to listen and download all our music from the media section.

See the contact page for information about the members of our band.

Welcome to our website ! - Our official website is now online. Feel free to have a look around! On our site you can: download our music, browse our galleries, watch our brand new music video for Saints & Sails, etc.

Make sure that you come back every now and then for updates about gigs and other exciting stuff!

Siestafestivalen - We’ll be playing on the Casa! stage.

31 May - 17.00
Location: Hässleholm